Road Trip & Roadside Assistance

Travelling with your car

Do you have a car for your daily activities? Excellent!! You can take a vacation, take a short trip, have a gate away, go to a business trip for less with a ton of flexibility. Because you manage your own vehicle at your own terms. With your car, you can skip the cost of booking travel by airplane, train, or intercity bus, or even the hassle of renting a vehicle when you get to your destination your destination.

Advantages When Travelling with your Car

No additional fare for more than one passenger. That is a great benefit compare to those who travel by plane, train, or bus. The driving cost of driving remain the same, despite of the passengers’ number. It is a family friendly option with remarkable savings.

No luggage restrictions: In contrast with airplanes, you can carry as many luggage as your car can take without having to pay additional fees.

Flexible planning: There is a big gap between an auto traveler and the other options when it come to planning and enjoying the trip. When you travel with your car, time is more manageable because a few minutes loss is not a big deal. Additionally, accommodation is also flexibly manageable because the traveler can get hotel rooms along the way.

The Cost of Using your Own Vehicle

When you use your own vehicle for a trip, it is important to remember that it will incur costs including:

  • The cost of fuel that is based on the level of efficiency of your car
  • The cost involved in the use of your car translated by the value depreciation and the mileage.

One Critical aspect to consider when traveling by road is a case of emergency or a breakdown. Having assistance is very important. Do you have Roadside Assistance membership or coverage? There are various options from your insurance company to membership organizations.  Either way, it is important to make sure you can get assistance before you get to the road. That will help avoid road nightmares.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance provides a series of services including:

Towing Service: To take the car to a repair facility

Battery Jump Start: Battery jump start service will assists members in case of a dead battery.

Minor Roadside Adjustments: Less important roadside modifications will be provided to members when needed.

Flat Tire Assistance: A flat tire is usually changed with the member’s spare tire.

Fuel Delivery: An emergency supply of fuel will be delivered to a member.

Vehicle Winching & Extraction: When A member’s vehicle gets stuck in a ditch, mud, or snow, it will be winched, if it can be reached from a normally traveled roadway.

Lockout Service: If a member loses the keys or locks them inside the vehicle, roadside assistance provides locksmith services to open the vehicle.

Cultural Travel

                                                                  Cultural Marvel

Every Culture is a Mystery

About Cultural Travel

Cultural travel targets regions and history. Cultural travel focuses on foreign cultures. It results in new experiences and learning from others because a tourist travels toward other environments with the expectation to discover new cultures and way of life.

Cultural Travel involves the discovery of art, architecture, music, history, and a variety of destinations around the world. Cultural travelers seek inspiration through Human exploits and remarkable achievements.

Are you
a Cultural

We discover ourselves everyday.

  • If you have an acute sense of adventure and discovery linked to the need to know other people better
  • If you want to learn about particular communities and individuals 
  • If you always want to know why people do what they do

You may fit to the category of Cultural travelers.

Eiffel Tower