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Hello everyone, welcome to my Travel Backpack website. My name is Dr. Antoinette Song, and traveling is my passion and my hobby. I just enjoy discovering new people, new countries, the sight of an airport, a train station, a bus agency, just the way people get busy when traveling. I had the opportunity to visit many countries, meet different people, and learn. traveling will change your life, your perspective, and make you a better person.


When one takes time to observe how people are busy when they get to airports, bus stations, and train stations, the spectacle is quite interesting. One cannot help but notice that it is not always fun dealing with luggage (suitcases, bags), trying to figure out the best way to take along some essentials inside a plane, a bus or a train.

That observation got me thinking. I must admit, as much as my husband and I love traveling, I don’t like dealing with packing and luggage. My preference is my backpack. It is very convenient to contain essentials and carry them along.
My Small Story About my Hobby

Since my childhood, just like most kids, I was always excited when I had to travel with my parents. Of course, then, I did not have to deal with packing stuff. When I met my husband, we shared the passion for traveling. We could at any convenient time, decide to visit a new place or revisit a place we liked. Then, children started coming, and it became a little tough. Still, we found moments to escape.
As I said earlier, packing was not my thing. But, my husband was, and is always the best. Very reliable when it comes to organizing a trip, finding the best carrier, hotel… etc. It is one of the things that kept us together.


Because we love traveling, My husband Isaac and I learned better ways to make it fun, and minimize things that could bring stress and steal our joy. Every time we leave a hotel for a fun discovery, backpacks are best the inescapable solution to carry our snacks and essentials along.

Do You Want to Have Fun Around?

Travel Backpack is meant to help me give back to you and the community. I am doing my homework to bring to you the right information and products that can help you make traveling a constant fun experience.

I am bringing you a One Stop place where you can find anything you need to make your traveling experience fun. Backpacks are not just for traveling. They are conveniently useful when moving around.

The Unforgettable Travel Experience

Traveling has changed the type of things we carry along. They have become more delicate and sensitive, containing sometimes very private information, creating the need to keep them close.

This website offers more than you can imagine. If you love Traveling like my husband and me, stay connected to us through this website. You will be glad you did.


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