Backpack Vs other Travel Luggage types

In our last post, we brought up various aspect around and about backpacks. This time we want to visit different aspect of a backpack by comparing it to other types of luggage.

Traveling easy is certainly challenging and often stressful. We must make sure our belongings are packed properly at a safe place.

One critical point of concern is generally our official documents and electronics because they are delicate with sensitive information.

Also, they should be handy as they can be requested many times during a trip. Which option best? Let’s check.

Travel Backpack vs. Suitcase

1 – Suitcases

Because of the wheels, suitcases managed to become one of the convenient options for travel packing. Additionally, suitcases present a variety of convenient characteristics including the followings:

Volume: Suitcases have more volume than backpacks. Common portable suitcases with wheels have a volume of 100 liters. On the other hand, backpacks rarely exceed 80 liters because of the need to carry them on the back.

Therefore, wheeled suitcases are better than backpacks for those who have a hard time packing light and keep or carry a few pieces of stuff.

Organization: A normal square suitcase shape is adequate for packing clothes and keeping them accessible and organized during the trip.

Instead, backpacks, due to their exterior structures, require a different packing strategy taking in account easy access to gear.

Convenience: A suitcase has a wrap-around zipper that gives easy access to the traveler belonging. Conversely, backpacks have limited opening and access. Which causes spending time searching for a particular item.

Weight: Wheels make it easy to carry even heavier suitcases around

Flexibility: Suitcases comes in all sizes and colors imaginable. Because of their versatility, Suitcases make ease trip and commute with handbags, day packs, and carryon luggage.

2 – Backpacks

Volume: A traveler who pack light and travel with only carryon luggage only, with the goal to pass up airport queues and potential excess baggage fees, the backpacks limited space can be a blessing in disguise.

Safety: Backpacks are fastened securely to the body. Therefore, it will be hard for the thief to gain access, mainly when locks or cable ties are used. When I carry my backpack, it will be hard to take it away from me.

Mobility: Backpacks are hand free. Therefore, they are convenient when it comes to dealing with uneven pavements, climbing stairs, rocky, steep, sandy or snowy environment. Dealing with a suitcase in a snowy environment is horrible.

Customization: Backpacks may have limited packing space compare to suitcases. However, backpacks come with side pockets, gear loops, and similar outside storage pouches that help easily and safely attach weatherproof gear, such as boots and raincoats to the external of the pack for better accessibility and bigger internal space

Heaviness: backpacks are very light on their own. A flexible frame and its light features help the traveler saves valuable pounds. Additionally, careful packing strategies involving evenly distributed weight and quality ergonomic backpacks make it comfortable and easy gears around.

Moving through the crowd: Wheeled suitcases can be hazardous in dense crowds while backpacks make it easy Moving through a thick crowd.

Choosing Between a Backpack and a Suitcase or a bag

A backpack or a suitcase is the most known for packing for travel, despite that there are various gears for different types of vacations. It becomes critical when we get to decide between both when it is time to travel.
When we consider the trip challenges of getting in a plane, a train, or when we have to roll a suitcase on the dirty road from a train station to a hotel, it becomes obvious that a wrong choice can ruin a fun trip.

The ultimate choice that makes the difference involves three categories including:

  • Suitcases including ordinary carry-on roller bag
  • Larger backpacks meant for the overhead compartment
  • Small backpacks that can fit below the seat

I – Suitcase

For a long trip requiring a lot of items including clothes and shoes and more, as the strip to a resort with a rented car, suitcases and bags can be suitable because they can contain a lot of items.

A suitcase is suitable if your back is health challenged. If you are traveling for a wedding, business-related affairs, or for work, you need a suitcase

When I travel on my car for a road trip or a touristic destination for more than a week, I pack some of my things in a suitcase or a bag and load it in the trunk of my car.

I leave it to the hotel room because I can’t take it everywhere. It is too heavy and hard to take around carrying all that dirt.

2 – Larger Backpacks

They are the best deal for travel because they are a compromise between a suitcase and a small backpack. A larger backpack fit people who don’t mind carrying stuff on their back for a complex trip.

If you have various items that you want to keep close and secure, in addition to a complex itinerary involving planes, trains, and cabs to get around, get a large backpack.

They are double the size of a regular daypack. They can only fit the overhead compartment.

3 – Small Backpacks

The small backpacks are the fit companion because they are light and can go under the sit depending.

The small size is the best for short trips. When you get to a destination, you have the necessary item to move around

Backpacks vs Rolling Luggage

Both pieces of luggage carry stuff and fit for travel. However, depending on the length, nature, and goals of your trip each one of these pieces of luggage present exclusive strengths.

Both these options can perfectly serve different purposes. Therefore, flexibility is important.

1 – Rolling suitcase

Rolling cases are a perfect fit for anyone with back or joints pain. They also offer a good packing suppleness. A rolling case reduces wrinkles for clothes and increases easy access.

The main advantage is that wheels are doing the heavyweight lift. Nevertheless, the main limitation is that rolling cases are terrible on a non-flat, smooth space.

When going down flagstones, or a dirt road, or up never-ending flights of subway steps, rolling suitcases are awful. One may end up transporting the suitcase everywhere.

2 – Backpacks

If your back is not hurting, and your joints are healthy, backpacks are a good option. They keep the equilibrium of your body and are convenient if the weight is well-balanced.

Learn About a Hybrid Backpack

I am just making an introduction to a hybrid backpack because it is a wide topic. That will be our next article. A hybrid backpack displays a blend of a backpack and suitcase.

It has wheels and can be rolled like a suitcase. Also, it but has shoulder fastenings allowing to strap it when rolling it is challenging.


A fulfilling travel experience requires choosing the right packing. I know some people are unconditional of suitcases. They just like them. Problems arise when dealing with cobblestone street, stairs, heights or long distances on roads full of dirt. Then, it becomes urgent to find a solution that can be a hybrid bag or a backpack.

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