Bleisure Travel

Bleisure Travel is a combination of business, work, trip, and leisure travel. Bleisure expresses the capacity for people to go to business and work trip, and use some days to have travel fun.

Actually, the trend is to render invisible the demarcation line between business and travel fun. Traveling for business can be a golden opportunity to discover and enjoy new destinations. Spending some time to vacation when traveling for work can only be a just reward, giving the opportunity to relax, unwind, and connect.

In the corporate world involving travel, stretch out a business trip for private reasons is also called ‘bizcation.’

In the corporate world involving travel, stretch out a business trip for private reasons is also called bizcation. This trend expands because the millennials are more inclined to the face-to-face meeting despite technology evolution allowing real-time encounter for business in addition to potential new encounters and connection, and the reduction of room and airfare.

Let’s explore bleisure travel a little dipper.

Business & Leisure

Are you involved in the business? And, does your business lead you to different destinations? You are a good candidate for Bleisure travel. Is your work requiring you to move around, different areas or destinations? You are definitely a candidate for Bleisure travel.

Boundaries economy, business, and organizations influence greatly the way people operate and move. That innovative tendency fundamentally influences Millennial and young executives who combine work travels with leisure travel.

Leisure travel is basically taking a vacation from the daily routine. Leisure associate with hotel or resorts stay, relaxing on beaches, taking guided sights, and enjoying local tourists attractions

Bleisure is a concept including business and leisure. That concept emphasizes that when you travel for business, you can take some days of vacation after your mission is accomplished to discover the destination.
Let’s say you are traveling for a work mission in Rome, Italy. You have to attend an important meeting. When you land, the first thing is to find transportation to your hotel and to settle. And then, attend your meeting; write your report at the end of your meeting when back to the hotel. After that, you can get one or more days to discover Rome and Italy as a tourist.


That combination is called Bleisure. It is a perfect blend of business and vacation. That disposition is very helpful to some stressful business activities.

Bleisure is a prevalent practice for US travelers, most precisely for those working in Healthcare, Technology, Marketing, and Public Administration sectors

The priority of Business

As stated earlier, some business activities are very stressful and make life restless. According to an article published by CNBC, some of the most stressful Jobs in America include:

  • Public relations executive. Stress score: 48.50. …
  • Senior corporate executive. Stress score: 48.56. …
  • Newspaper reporter. Stress score: 49.90. …
  • Event coordinator. Stress score: 51.15. …
  • Police officer. Stress score: 51.68. …
  • Airline pilot. Stress score: 60.54. …
  • Firefighter. Stress score: 72.68. …
  • Enlisted military personnel. Stress score: 72.74.

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Some of these jobs are high travel jobs such as airline pilots, Newspaper reporter…, we can also add traveling nurses and physicians, salespersons and more. Bleisure travel opportunities offer various activities including

  1. Sightseeing,
  2. Discovering the local cuisine, culture, and art.
  3. Trade shows and festivals


As you travel, keep in mind it is for work first and vacation later. Don’t get cut up into the excitement of discovering attractive destinations. First thing first, make sure you are in agreement with your employer about your goals.

Make sure you don’t use the organization assets for your own benefits. Plan and save for your vacation, only use the hotel room and the airfare for the organization business. After that, take charge of your leisure.

Another sensitive aspect is that Bleisure travelers tend to take people along with them for leisure. It is important to understand that you should not privately take people on a business trip.

The Rightful Place of Vacation

Preliminaries to Bleisure Travel

Just as for most things in life, take time to plan and do your homework.

  • Choose the most appropriate trip that you want to associate your leisure.
  • Clearly determine your timetable to differentiate between business and leisure during your travel.
  • Let your boss and colleagues know about your plans.
  • Search about your destination
  • Pack smart and don’t forget about your backpack.

Bleisure is common when traveling to cities with various touristic points of interest allowing the traveler to add leisure to their travel including sports sites, Cultural events, and sightseeing.

Unwind and Relax 

In conclusion, some companies are enrolled in privilege programs with transportation and accommodation  that can help mitigate the cost of leisure after business.

A business trip does not need to be boring. If you take time to prepare and search, you can combine business and leisure and enjoy the best of both.

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