Cruises are well familiar forms of travels for vacation, conferences, marriages and much more. According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, cruising involves a journey for pleasure, during which an individual or a group of people visit several places. That travel is usually at a constant speed.
I can cruise by car just by driving just, for fun. For example, cruising downtown Washington DC on Saturday night.

Cruising can mean traveling on a huge or big ship from port to port. That is the most known form of cruise travel.

In this post, I want to explore cruise ship and bring to you the best information we can find. Benefits and drawbacks. I believe that information will help you make an informed decision.

About Cruise Ships Travel

On a cruise ship, you travel in a large boat to discover the world. Cruising allows seeing various places harder to visit by land, mostly a small-ship provides the capacity to maneuver through tight canals and wharf at smaller harbors. Cruising by ship offers endless opportunities.
High class cruise lines usually target celebrities and wealthy people. Their capacity is limited to less than one 100 passengers. Outsize ships carry more than 2000 passengers sometimes up to 5000. The size of these ships is classified small, large or mega based on the number of passengers they carry.

Small ships are more versatile because they can access smaller harbors, and uncommon locations.

Large ships can only access large harbors but offer more amenities and require more infrastructure to manage a high number of passengers.

Mega-ships can only access major ports and requires a much higher number of infrastructures to handle passengers. But they offer a high variety of activities and vast public areas.


Compared to other forms of vacations, cruising can be very priceless.

Various benefits include:

The possibility to Match your experience to your budget by choosing the appropriate package. Most cruises offer the possibility to choose various options.
A week on a cruise ship provide the possibility to visit various destinations through different ports. That is a huge incentive compare to land-based resort on one location.
On a cruise ship you get more for the money you spend, compare to a land-based experience.
One of the best I prefer is that you don’t have to take your luggage from one place to another. You unpack once, and you set your backpack for the little escapades.
There are always entertainment, food, ports, and activities on a cruise ship. And dining options are various at the same location compare to a land-based vacation.
There are many accommodation options that allow you to choose based on your budget.
You can make friends along the way because of the duration of the travel.


There are some drawbacks including:

  • Limited communication because of slow Internet. Cruise ships depend on satellites for Internet services. Because of constant move, the network tends to be slower than the Internet at home.
  • Limited time in ports, roughly 10 hours per port. Ships give 10 hours per port, limiting the number of possible activities. If you need more time, find a cruise ship that include an overnight stay in a port. Because you will be able to enjoy a nightlife and build better memories.
  • Some people experience sea sickness, because the smell of the ocean and the weaves that rock the boat back and forth can be overwhelming.

The Right Cruise Travel for you

It can be overwhelming to choose a cruise direction because there are various aspects to consider that concur to an unforgettable experience. The most important factors to consider include:

  • The choice of a destination. Where do you want to go? Because there are various lines, and none of the lines go to every direction. Deciding on the destination will help you plan you travel effectively.
  • The other important question to answer is: How long do you want to be away? The answer to this question will help you determine the right line and ship to choose. Carnival for instance offers only cruises of three to seven days, while Oceania offers go up to 10 nights. Some very exceptional cases are Cunard and Holland America that run around-the-world cruises of 100 nights or more annually.
  • Next: What is your budget? This factor is very important in that cruises offer a wide assortment of price points based on features. The price can range from $399 to $1000. The price also varies based on seasons.
  • Also, who are you traveling with? Are you going with kids? It is important to know that some cruises are more family friendly that others with a variety of deck-top-activities. In this category we can list the following leading cruise lines:
  • – Disney Cruise Line,
  • – Royal Caribbean
  • – Carnival
  • Finally, other aspect to consider include,
  • – The crowd because, depending on the type of ship, you should be aware of the amount of people traveling with you in the ship
  • – The food, because dining is an important part of a cruise experience.

Preparing for a Cruise Travel

Congratulations!!!! You are getting ready to venture to an exciting experience discovering a part of the world through a cruise ship. Now, how do you start preparing?

  1. Travel Documents. First and foremost, make sure that all your identification documents including your passport are up to date and current.
  2. Make sure to check-in online to avoid long waiting lines when boarding
  3. Print your itinerary, boarding pass and luggage tags and keep them handy
  4. Make sure you have travel insurance. It is a short term insurance covering only Travel-related issues such as medial expenses. This is not an option, it is a must.
  5. Inform your family and friends of your travel venture.
  6. Connect with you banks and financial institutions to inform them that you are traveling. Otherwise, you will not be able to use your bank and credit cards abroad.
  7. Contact the post office to put your mail on hold.
  8. Visit your medical doctor and refill your prescriptions if needed
  9. Also, work with you telephone company to keep your communication line operational
  10. Pack your bags

Packing for a Cruise Trip

Packing your items is a critical part of your travel. Remember, unless you chose the largest room of the ship, you will have very limited space that is a cabin. Several suitcases can be invasive in a small cabin where space is very limited. Also, at the end of the cruise, repacking your luggage can be frustrating. Be very selective when choosing your outfit with fewer shoes because they take a lot of space.

  • – One pair of shoes can match various clothes. Therefore, a pair of sandals and a pair of tennis shoes can be enough.
  • – You can embark wearing some of your items to save space in your suitcase like tennis shoes and beach hat.
  • – Avoid packing bulk outfits like jackets because they take a lot of space.

The Reality

Cruising is not for everyone for many reasons, because you may face physical challenges, have to deal with smokers as very few ship offer the option of non-smoking spaces. I have to emphasize that every ship has basic health infrastructure to assist passengers when needed. Make sure this is for you because there is a lot of fun even for physically challenged people. If this is your first experience, proceed with caution.