Also, called Glomad, A global nomad is any individual involved in an internationally mobile lifestyle. A global nomad has a boundariless life, with no defined location.

These individuals display a complete detachment from particular physical locations or territorial belonging. Nomad Travel is based on the nomadic lifestyle considered like heaven on earth by the people who cherish it. 

That lifestyle can look very attractive to some people, and be very unrewarding to some.

Is it your desire to discover the nomadic lifestyle?

let’s look deeper.

The Nomadic Lifestyle

The nomadic lifestyle display key features including the followings:

  • A nomad changes places constantly, moving from one place to place
  • For a nomadic, the nomadic lifestyle is all that matters, because it is more than a career, assets, or relationship.
  • A nomad avoids any type of attachment. That behavior allows keeping his lifestyle.
  • Nomads are easy going nature and connect well with people.

The nomadic lifestyle, as stated earlier, presents advantages and disadvantages.

Delightful Advantages

  • Constant Excitement: It is constant fun because the nomadic lifestyle involves a limitless stream of continual change taking the Nomad from one enriching experience to the next.
  • Develop Awareness: Because a nomad breaks away from daily routine and confined regularity to experience various options of the same activity such as transport or accommodation.
  • Increase Knowledge: Breaking away from everyday mundane allow a nomad to meet diverse people and beliefs from all over the globe.
  • Fashion a Personality: Through the nomad lifestyle, and individually get the liberty to choose what he/she wants to become.
  • Develop a Story: The nomadic lifestyle can take someone around the world back and forth. It makes someone a part of a story.
  • Connections: A nomad life is made of encounters and connection. A nomad gets to meet people from all lifestyle.
  • Redesign Life: Because of the Internet international connection are made easier. Additionally, the internet allowed people to develop a different perception of life. 

These advantages may seem very


  • Lonesome life. Generally, it is hard to find a nomadic couple or group of people. A nomad is mostly confronted by the reality of traveling and moving around alone.
  • Constant Life Uncertainty. The lack of stability of the nomadic lifestyle set up the nomad to all kind of surprises good and bad.
  • No Private Home: A nomad has no stable living space. Like most people. A nomad has no place to call Home
  • Another type of mundane. The fun offered by the nomad lifestyle can become boring at some point if a nomad stays too long in one region or country.
  • Making Money. The need to make money can be challenging for a nomad unless moving around is associated with a business venture or a job. Otherwise, it can be very challenging financial security.
  • The perfect career or Job: The nomadic lifestyle can bring a challenge when it comes to finding and keeping the ideal career.
  • Loss of Opportunity. The nomad lifestyle avoids commitment and stability. As nomads go around, they miss on friends and family and potential precious moments with loved ones.
  • Bonds. Nomads don’t bond. They consider attachments as hindrances because they stop them from moving.


Types of Nomads

There are various types of nomads. I will just present some types that are fun travel related.

Digital Nomad

Digital Nomads are technology experts and workers who travel while working for themselves or their employers.

Religious Nomad

These nomads travel from location to locations in search for enlightenment or teaching about their religion. They learn about themselves while interacting with the people and their environment. These travelers are usually called long term backpackers

Corporate Nomad

Corporate nomad constantly travels for their work because they work remotely. In this category, there are people who work from home for their company.

Halfway Nomad

Halfway Nomads operate in a cycle between work and travel. These individuals have seasonal jobs such as Ski Instructor, Actors, Santa..etc. They may decide to travel when the season is over.

Classic Nomad

Classic Nomads travel from place to place performing activities that can support their lifestyle. Among that category, you can find Artisans, Diving Instructors, Cooking Instructors, and Teachers.

Rich Nomad

These are the ideal Nomad travelers. Rich nomads have a lot of money, and they decide to roam around and discover the world. If you win the lottery, you may be one of those. Those who inherit a lot of money, or have a successful career can envisage visiting the world from location to location

Retired Nomad

Some individuals decide to start visiting the world after they retire. That may be a dream fulfillment. The retired Nomad uses the pension as they don’t have to work while traveling. The Retired Nomads travel for the unique purpose use their freedom to explore the world



Global Nomad Travel

Global Nomads travel the world, they live an internationally mobile lifestyle. They break away from any sense of attachment to any geographical position or territorial.

The global nomad lifestyle involves great mobility. Global nomads travel from country to country with no stable job or home. They are no longer tied to their original countries. They could be stable on one location for a few days to some months but will finally move on.

Global nomads mainly focus on experiences, comfort, and happiness. Their activities revolve around writing, teaching, and handicraft.

Digital Nomads

The digitization of the world has developed a new type of global nomad called “digital nomads.” That category comprises people working with technologies and telecommunications for a living. These workers operate from foreign countries, co-working spaces, public libraries, RVs, trailers and so on using smartphones or hotpots.

Digital nomads include different type of people including:

  • Refugees,
  • wealthy people,
  • Younger people
  • Entrepreneurs …etc.

Digital nomads are usually financially independent, and their career is naturally location independence friendly.

Nomad Travel Insurance

Like any other travel insurance is nomads travel insurance or backpacking insurance is meant to help the nomad address any situation on the go.

Backpackers have to do their homework to make sure they have the right coverage. Some nomads travel insure reviews are available to help the nomad make the right decision.

What do you Think?

Do you have a nomad spirit? Or do you just want to experience a nomad life? either way, there is a lot to discover. Just do your homework to find the starting point because there is a variety of articles offering advice and guidance to the various destination. Just don’t forget your backpack and the indispensable travel insurance.