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Hello everyone, welcome to my Travel Backpack website. My name is Dr. Antoinette Song, and traveling is my passion and my hobby. I just enjoy discovering new people, new countries, the sight of airports, train stations, a bus stations; just the way people get busy when traveling.

I had the opportunity to visit many countries, meet different people, and learn. Traveling will change your life, your perspective, and makes you a better person.

When I take time to observe how people are busy when they get to airports, bus stations, and train stations, the spectacle is quite interesting.

I cannot help but notice that it is not always fun dealing with luggage (suitcases, bags), trying to figure out the best way to take along some essentials inside a plane, a bus or a train. That observation got me thinking.

I must admit, as much as my husband and I love traveling, I don’t like dealing with packing and luggage. My preference is my backpack. It is very convenient to contain essentials and carries them along.

My Little Story

My Small Story About my hobby since my childhood, just like most kids, I was always excited when I had to travel with my parents. Of course, then, I did not have to deal with packing stuff.

When I met my husband, we shared the passion for traveling. We could at any convenient time, decide to visit a new place or revisit a place we liked. Then, children started coming, and it became a little tough. Still, we found moments to escape.

As I said earlier, packing was not my thing. But my husband was and is always the best at planning and packing.

Very reliable when it comes to organizing a trip, finding the best carriers, hotel… etc. It is one of the things that kept us together.

Because we love traveling, my husband Isaac and I learned better ways to make it fun and minimize things that could bring stress and steal our joy. Every time we leave a hotel for a fun discovery, backpacks are best the inescapable solution to carry our snacks and essentials along.

My Vision

This website offers more than you can imagine. If you love Traveling like my husband and me, stay connected to us through this website. You will be glad you did because we will be constantly working to bring you what you need for Fun Travel

Don't Stress out

Travel Backpack is working so you don't have to
Dr. Antoinette Song
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8 comments on “About Us

  1. I love your story is so inspiring and I love the fact that you love traveling a lot, Personally, I think that traveling is one of the best ways to get rid of stress the best part about your website is that you are sharing information about places and cultures which are very useful.

  2. Dr. Song,

    Thank you for putting this website together. I have done a bit of traveling with just a backpack to South Africa. It’s really pretty simple and if you pack smartly you don’t need to carry a big bag of luggage around with you everywhere you go!

    Out of all the places you have traveled to, which has been your favorite? For me, I’ve loved South Africa (obviously since that’s where I found my wife) and Ecuador the most!

    I look forward to hearing about your adventures,


    • Hello, Dusting, we share the same impression. I have been to South Africa twice, and I am planning to go back and discover more. Thank you for the input.

  3. I love traveling and I think I have turned it into a hobby as I get excited whenever I am to travel. My companion most of the time when I travel is my backpack as it follows me wherever I go. I am able to perfectly organize my items so I can easily access them making me to better enjoy my journey. I look forward to reading your stories on your experience during your travel journeys.

  4. I thought I am the only one who doesn’t like dealing with packing and luggage when it comes to travelling. It can really be stressful struggling to carry all your essentials along. Just like you suggested, backpack are simply the best. It is less cumbersome to use, the only thing here is that one has to make up his/her mind on the essential things required for the travel.Just a question Dr. Antoinette, is backpack and knapsack same? I have been wondering because they serve almost the same purpose.

    • Hell Gracen, thank you for the comment. A backpack is a form of bag that is carried on the back. There are many types of backpacks: rucksack, knapsack, packsack, pack, etc. A knapsack and a rucksack are simply varieties of backpacks.  They are commonly made of fabric and has two straps used to fasten the bag and secure it over the shoulders.

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