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Hello everyone, welcome to my Travel Backpack website. My name is Dr. Antoinette Song, and traveling is my passion and my hobby. I just enjoy discovering new people, new countries, the sight of an airport, a train station, a bus agency, just the way people get busy when traveling. I had the opportunity to visit many countries, meet different people, and learn. traveling will change your life, your perspective, and make you a better person.


When one takes time to observe how people are busy when they get to airports, bus stations, and train stations, the spectacle is quite interesting. One cannot help but notice that it is not always fun dealing with luggage (suitcases, bags), trying to figure out the best way to take along some essentials inside a plane, a bus or a train.

That observation got me thinking. I must admit, as much as my husband and I love traveling, I don’t like dealing with packing and luggage. My preference is my backpack. It is very convenient to contain essentials and carry them along.
My Small Story About my Hobby

Since my childhood, just like most kids, I was always excited when I had to travel with my parents. Of course, then, I did not have to deal with packing stuff. When I met my husband, we shared the passion for traveling. We could at any convenient time, decide to visit a new place or revisit a place we liked. Then, children started coming, and it became a little tough. Still, we found moments to escape.
As I said earlier, packing was not my thing. But, my husband was, and is always the best. Very reliable when it comes to organizing a trip, finding the best carrier, hotel… etc. It is one of the things that kept us together.


Because we love traveling, My husband Isaac and I learned better ways to make it fun, and minimize things that could bring stress and steal our joy. Every time we leave a hotel for a fun discovery, backpacks are best the inescapable solution to carry our snacks and essentials along.

Do You Want to Have Fun Around?

Travel Backpack is meant to help me give back to you and the community. I am doing my homework to bring to you the right information and products that can help you make traveling a constant fun experience.

I am bringing you a One Stop place where you can find anything you need to make your traveling experience fun. Backpacks are not just for traveling. They are conveniently useful when moving around.

The Unforgettable Travel Experience

Traveling has changed the type of things we carry along. They have become more delicate and sensitive, containing sometimes very private information, creating the need to keep them close.

This website offers more than you can imagine. If you love Traveling like my husband and me, stay connected to us through this website. You will be glad you did.


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Carry Your Pet Along

Pet lovers are considered a consistently growing population. In the USA alone, pet owners spend $43.4 billion for pet-related products. For most people, their pet is their friends, companions, or their babies. Traveling with your pet is a project requiring special attention.

Traveling with your pet is like traveling with your Kid. the same level of attention is necessary to avoid regrettable situations. A backpack to carry your pet along is the best solution for your peace of mind


Preparing for a Trip with Your Pet

At home, your pet has its own world. Preparing to travel with your pet required to determine the items to take along. Please make a list of the items you want to take and find the best way to pack them.

Consider the weather, the mean of transportation you will use, and finally the location and the duration of your trip. Evidently, the level of preparation is different for a short and a long trip. As you plan for your self, plan also for your pet accordingly. Make a list and check mark every item you get of the list. Remember any situation with your pet during your trip can spoil everything.

Packing For Your Pet

When traveling with your pet some items are required, while some are just for easy accommodation. The goal and the length of your trip will determine what item you should make it to the list.

A list critical because if you trust your mind you may end up regretting the outcome because you forgot important items. It is important to remember that your dog or cat can carry a backpack nowadays. That option can help keep closer to your dog. the remaining items can go to a suitcase to get to your destination.

Taking Your Pet Along

Your pets cannot help you make a list of items or pack because they cannot hold a pen or pack a bag. Therefore, you are the only responsible to remember all the travel essentials.

Various items can be considered useful for your pet when traveling. To help you start, we will list some items to take along.

  1. A certification from your vet stating that your pet is healthy and current on vaccinations.
  2. A passport like journal will help carry the pet documents and picture just in case. This may not be important if you travel locally. However, if you are traveling abroad, a real passport may even be required. Please, check the regulations of the destination country.Selective Focus Photography of Orange Tabby Cat
  3. Because of the risk of losing your pet, consider the possibility of inserting a microchip on your pet. It is an effective prevention disposition. the microchips work on a radio frequency and Cary important information allowing locating your pet if it gets lost. Microchips for pets are very small close to the size of a grain of rice. Vets use a hypodermic needle to implant them into animals. Some shelters also provide microchipping services for less than $50.
  4. Take some blankets or towels with you. When traveling by car, consider protecting your car seats by covering them with old blankets or towels. Since they may not stay in place for a long period, getting car seats covers may be a more practical solution.
  5. If you are traveling by car for a long distance with your cat, consider taking a portable litter tray foldable for practical storage that you manage along the way when your cat uses it, to avoid multiple long stops. Gauze pads,
  6. Remember to bring along some play sets or toys for your pet to keep them busy in case they don’t take a nap or if the trip is long.

7. Nobody plans discomforts and sickness. But, it can happen. Make sure you prepare a first-aid kit to handle minor discomforts containing the following basic items:

  1. Gauze rolls
  2. Bandages
  3. Scissors
  4. Plastic gloves
  5. Cotton swabs
  6. Instant cold pack
  7. Mild pet sedatives
  8. Roll of cloth
  9. Eyedroppers (for feeding)
  10. Tweezers
  11. bottled water
  12. Thermometer
  13. Hydrogen peroxide
  14. Antibiotic ointment
  1. Grab a water dispenser to make sure your pet drink enough water as needed
  2. Prepare an emergency plan in case of contingency including your pet ID, Medical record
  3. Take along Stacking bowls for food and treats as well.

Conveniently Carry Your Pet

If you travel by car it is important to make sure your pet is secured especially a dog. For your safety and the safety of the dog, make sure to limit the movements with a seat belt. That disposition also helps the driver stay focused on the road.

Traveling with your pet or just having a good time shopping or moving around can be a memorable experience.

Just make sure you make the right preparation and pack the right items you may need to avoid distractions and frustrations.