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I love travelling, I don’t know about you. When I am traveling, I feel free, out of the box, far from the daily mundane.

I believe that is how a bird feels when it is not in a cage.

Let’s talk about traveling

In the City

Travel is a major topic in the world today.  There are various aspects of travelling we can talk about. However, what matters the most to me is the fun of it.

Travel should be agreeable because it gives the opportunity to meet and discover the unknown. That unknown can be people, the environment, different cultures, and much more.

From experience, traveling is always a life changing event for many reasons:

Traveling shape the character.  The reason is that whether you like it or not, you will meet people, in the train, the plane, the bus, in the boat, it is hard not to talk to people or to even connect to them.  You learn to loosen up, smile and interact with fellow travelers. It is very common to make lifetime friends during a trip, or even a lifetime partner.


Traveling allows Learning to ease up

Travelling is an opportunity to become more social, learn to develop a conversation, and become more confident. Whether you go to Orlando, to Italy or Las Vegas, or the great falls of Niagara, you are granted the opportunity to dive away from your natural environment and discover other culture, eat different food. you learn to become more easy going, and most importantly learn to relax and enjoy the moment.


It is hard enough to handle travel planning and packing. Knowing that there is a place where you can go and get the information and material you need for your travel Planning and packing can definitely give peace of mind.

In this website, our mission is to provide enough information on the packing potential available in the market, and how useful they can be. Our vision is even to go beyond packing and provide reviews on affordable and existing exotic transport services and potential getaway; family, adventures, and romantic destinations. 

Travel Backpack will also introduce hotels and resorts recommendations, vacation events and cruises, and booking systems.

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We want to hear from you, your experiences when you travel, at the airport, at the cruise loading station, the train station, the hotel stay, and so forth. We will amplify your experience, good or bad to make sure it benefits the community of travelers.

As you can imagine, this portal is meant to be the traveler One Stop.

Bottom Line

In this website, we are talking about packing options for trips, proper packing to keep you and your items safe and secured.

In addition to that, you will find some suggestive  ideas of items That are good for your packing and how to get them.

Finally, we are learning about exotic travel destinations, cruises, and groups organized trips; hotels and trips booking systems, and much more to help you make informed decisions for your trips.

The ultimate goal is to make useful recommendations for fun travel.

In this website, we are talking about travel, packing options for trips, proper packing to keep you and your items safe and secured while you travel.

Dr. Antoinette Song, Founder of Travel Backpack
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